Friday, December 3, 2010

Minimizing our Holiday Decor

Little couple that my Nana gave my family years ago. I always thought they were so cute, they sing and move!
Put plad pillows on the sofa, a santa pillow and a stuffed Santa!
LOVE my elves! I have several and they are gorgeous so they HAD to be displayed :)
I think our new Saints stockings were in the attic but we weren't quite sure so we went with a few that were available right then and there! These are SO sassy ;)
Love my Kitchen Nutcracker :)
Adorable Saint Nick!
This IS our Christmas tree this year and I put it in the master bedroom, it has been in my family for years and I grew up LOVING this ceramic tree because it was the only thing lit in color lights!
My aunt and uncle gave me this cute night light... he has a glitter tube that sparkles throughout the night :)

Ok so next year Dave promises that we are going to have a Christmas tree... I have a great collection of ornaments so am bummed that we can't have our own tree this year BUT in the mean time, I still decked the halls with what things I could find without going too too overboard!

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  1. Be glad you don't have a christmas tree with a puppy around. Last year, I came home to unwrapped gifts, broken ornaments, and an ashamed 5 month old golden retriever.