Wednesday, December 29, 2010

And then there were 3....

So we have had a wonderful time with our family at the Mountain house. My brother in law, father in law and mother in law annnnd dogs in law all have headed back to New Orleans. So now its just the Charlotte crew: Me, my hubs and my puppy. Kinda lonely!

Dave and I got here a week ago and I still can't believe that we have been here that long! My how time flies!! I have enjoyed the R&R, reading my book, the great (and TONS of) food, the plenty of laughs, playing the/watching the boys iceskate on the Wii, watching puppy Brees play in the snow, sledding, cozy fires in the fireplace, playing with Nick's fancy camera for some fancy shots, watching a Saints win, opening way too many presents, watching the 3rd Focker movie (totally recommend it!), having lunch with Miss Bethany at Rocky's, and so many other things that I can't even recall right this moment! I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday season. Dave and I really appreciate this time where we can just veg out, enjoy eachother and read our books. We know that once we get back home, like most people, the whirlwind starts spinning and our to-do lists begin! So right now, we are just going to enjoy this while we can - and before the New Years Resolutions start!

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