Monday, November 22, 2010

Movies NOT to see....

The Box
A total Sci Fi movie that is set back in like the 50's. It is a very strange and very sad movie with an even sadder ending. The message is clear, count your blessings and free money equal greedy people and huge consequences. It was entertaining but just a really overall depressing movie. And the premise was just really strange too...

Charlie St. Cloud
(which I think is based on the book "The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud")
This movie as so so confusing! That and depressing! However, the scenery was beautiful! It was supposed to be set in Maine but it was really shot in Canada. But the movie is about Charlie who has everything going for him until a car accident that kills him and his brother. He comes back to life in the ambulance and everything changes. He plays ball with his brother who is stuck in limbo and stays home vs going to college because he doesnt want to let his brother down as they play ball at a certain time daily. Charlie also starts working as the grounds keeper for the cemetary (weird). Then he starts hanging with this girl who he later finds out is a person in limbo to and he has to save her before she actually dies.

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