Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy November!

So Dave and I finally got the house in ship shape this weekend. It was nice to be able to exchange gifts and purchase new ones with gift cards! :) We also purchased stuff for Baby Brees who will be here on November 5th! :) We are so excited to have a little puppy of our own... and as Dave's mom put it, it's our "first born"! haha. We had a nice weekend and feel really accomplished as everything we set out to do, even a thorough house cleaning, was done! This weekend I also got my food and box of Whole Body Cleanse which I started on Sunday evening. They have revamped the plan a bit and it only involves taking suppliments and drinking a fober beverage before going to bed. Before, there we way too many suppliments to take and the fiber pills were ginormous and not a fun start to the day as you had to take four in the morning and four at night! Speaking of night, I hope to post pictures of our new bedding for both the guest bedroom and master bedroom (thanks to Pottery Barn) on here sometime this week! The rooms look very bright and cheerful and make me so happy to not have hand-me-downs but instead, our own stamp on these rooms! Okay, back to the cleanse... so I also researched some more food options as they are pretty limited to fruits and veggies but I found a great list of things to have for the next two weeks...

Brown, black or red rice (about 1-2 cups per day)
Fresh oils (like Hemp and Flaxseed, which need refrigeration)
Beans (any kind!)
Vegetables (any organic!)
Herbs & Spices
Salads (use your imagination when you combine leafy greens, sprouts, herbs, seeds, nuts, cheese, beans and fresh oils!)
Homemade soups (as long as the ingredients are veggies, chicken etc.)
Chicken, fish, shellfish, raw (sashimi) fish
Eggs (organic!)
Goat milk & goat cheese (delicious!)
Coconut milk (think about making some delicious Thai curry or soups)
Yogurt (as long as it’s plain, or only has honey as a sweetener, no sugary yogurts!)
Honey (yum! yum!)

The only foods that I do not agree with on this list are the proteins of eggs, chicken and fish - those aren't easily digested and aren't a part of the cleanse diet. I also don't agree with yogurt, I try to stick with dairy that isn't from a cow (ie. goat cheese and almond milk). Another great item that isn't listed is the Lara Bar which is organic and gluten free. It is completely made of fruits and nuts. Almond butter is another awesome food on the cleanse. Peanut butter and peanuts are not a cleanse food. I also buy lemons to spice up ice water because you have to drink your fair share of that while on the Whole Body Cleanse.

The reason I am doing the cleanse now is because I know that I will be distracted with baby Brees and not thinking about food so it will be good timing. It's not in the middle of the holidays. My body is completely angry at me for all the wine and bad foods I have been consuming. And I need a fresh start.... but MOST OF ALL, I need to lose 10 pounds. This is a good way to start a healthy weight lost. Looking forward to the detox but not looking forward to 0 caffeine in the early mornings this coming week... ohhhh well, some sacrifices have to be made!!

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