Friday, September 10, 2010

Sabra Hummus...

I am a HUGE FAN OF SABRA hummus. In fact, I eat the original every single day with veggies for lunch - no lie. However, I picked up this NEW Sabra hummus, Spinach and Artichoke Hummus, last week and tried it for lunch...... I almost spit it out... yes, it was THAT bad!!!! It is aweful tasting! So here is a warning to all you Hummus fans like myself... Do Not Buy This NEW Hummus - it's a trick!


  1. Thanks for taking one for the team. I wasn't sure if I should buy it or not. The pinenut one is my FAVORITE!!
    Have you tried the guacamole hummus from Trader Joes? I read about it on a friends blog but we don't have a TJ in Knoxville.

  2. Hey! No i haven't tried the pine nut OR the guacamole one Trader Joe's... however I always see both! These days I am just stickin to garlic and regular! I think I may be traumatized. Sad you don't have a TJ's in your new territory - I have heard that people are petitioning for them in the towns where they aren't present - maybe you should look into doing that!?lol

  3. Thanks for that the garlic one. Now I have to try the guacamole. Haven't made it to TJ's yet, do you believe. Love TJ's. OK LOVE shopping.

  4. Have you tried the Trader Joe's Mediterranean hummus?? DEE-lish.