Monday, July 12, 2010

What a Wedding Weekend!

Dave and I accomplished a WHOLE lot this weekend! We went and got his wedding band which I think he is really excited about. We kept coming back to the same one at the store. Their big sell was palladium bands which was right in our price range :) While there I asked them about my mom's gold wedding band because I thought about wearing that as my mind (my real band is already in my engagement ring). The jeweler was so excited about my mom's band. Apparently the ring is by a place that opened in the 1800's. And what we didn't know about the ring was that inscribed on the inside of it was "Clarence to Mary".... and I was like, my great grand father was Clarence! And then is said their wedding date in, 1913!! And next to that was my parent's wedding date! How special! So I am getting that re-sized and am SO excited to wear something with such history on our big day :) After this successful trip we went to the tux shop and got everything set for the guys there! Hurray! So those two things are off our plate. Shirley and Dad came to town this past weekend and brought our Invites with them... along with our thank you notes! I HAD to show you, they are so simple and elegant! I LOVE THEM both. Cannot wait to frame our invite! So here is a photo of both... the invite is navy and ivory with a pretty bordering and then the thank you's are our initials, EMD in ivory.

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