Wednesday, July 14, 2010


So my friend Lauren reminded me of how fabulous the library is! Because of her I ordered a library card, haven't gotten one of those since high school, and have reaquainted myselef with the library! With the card came a key chain card as well - love those! Anyway, I had no idea that you could go onto the library's website and put books on hold so that when they are returned, the library will email you (or call if you prefer) and let you know it is ready for pick up! I went yesterday to the library which is literally a mile from my house, and had a nice little chat with the librarian there. She showed me where my books will come in when they are ready for pick up! While there I saw that you could take out brand NEW hard back books for a 13-day time period and a $2 fee... well, they had the new Emily Giffin and I just couldn't resist! A hard back book (normally a $35-$30 purchase) for $2! I am loving my new library finds! It's like shopping but SO MUCH BETTER.

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  1. Ha! I think of your mom with this post. She and my dad would trade books.... she would loan my dad a brand new book that she purchased from the book store, and he would give her a title of a book that he got from the library. My dad tried to tell her that the library was the way to go (FREE), but she said it was more fun to just purchase the book right away --- it was the shopping experience. :) Let me know how the new Emily Griffin book is!

  2. Ha! Yes she was the queen of buying books. Especially the hard back ones! Those things aren't cheap but she always used her discount card! I remember when she used to force me to read in the summer time and bribe me with prizes! LOL. I think she wanted me to be as passionate about it as she was! Which, I totally am! And although I am very similar to her in some ways, I am very different in others. She was NEVER the bargain shopper. No library books, no wal-marts, nada! The closest she ever got to bargains was Target Mossimo shirts and yoga pants! LOL.