Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bachelorette, thoughts?

So last night "F it up Frank" left Tahiti which left poor Ali in tears... telling her he remembered, oh yea, he has feelings for his ex-girlfriend and is still in love with her. And we got to see Ali melt down because as we all know - she was totally head over heels for Frank. Although I am not quite sure why because, in my opinion, Roberto is so hot and Chris has an amazing family.
Who is this guy? Well according to InTouch, the most truthful magazine out there, this is Ali's boyfriend. I heard from my friend Ashley that reports are saying Ali is not going to accept the proposal of Roberto or Chris... instead she doesn't choose either guy.
I guess we'll have to wait and see.... wish that the finale episode was next Monday instead of having the men come back (i see from reality steve that ali is going to get another some from kermit kasey during this show!)

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  1. I said I wasn't going to read reality steve this season, but I did. I couldn't help myself. I've heard Ali doesn't pick anyone either. I've also heard that Chris L is the next Bachelor. That's the first I've seen of Ali's "boyfriend". Weird. I guess time will tell!