Monday, June 21, 2010

Our Engagement Party

Well I had another successful weekend in New Orleans. We flew in on Friday for an engagement party on Saturday night! During the day on Saturday Dave's mom and I ran around town and accomplished quite a bit....

1. Second Line Umbrellas, check!

2. Charms with Pulls for the cake, check!

3. Grooms cake, check!

4. Wedding cake, check!

5. Hair and Makeup Consult, check!

6. Monogrammed cocktail napkins, check!

7. Selection of groomsmen attire, check!

8. Wedding invitations, check!

9. Monogrammed thank you notes, check!!!

10. Garter for the bride, check check!

11. Monogrammed gift bags for guest gifts at reception, CHECK!
What a relief! I like to get things done at one time and quickly and we defintiely got that accomplished! They have so many stores in NOLA that we do not have in Charlotte. It was great to be able to get some much off of my to-do list! Then later that night we celebrated our engagement with friends and it was SO much fun!


  1. You're getting married the week before me, so I've been gauging some of my planning to-do's against yours - you made some awesome progress and are now way ahead of me, even though I've been engaged over a year!! :) Also I am on WW getting ready for dress fittings, so am inspired by your low cal foods and even considered doing a cleanse after you wrote about yours!

  2. Just saw your blog! Thanks so much for posting... it's always excited to get feedback from a reader! :) It is truly unbelievable how much we have done but I mainly credit it to my wonderful mother in law (to be) because she has been a huge help in New Orleans getting everything together for us! :) I just ordered flip flops for the bridesmaids at Old Navy today... they are a super great price and will be awesome for dancing! What are your colors? It looks like there is navy??? That's what my bridesmaids are wearing and we just picked out a shoe to go with... will have to share on the blog soon! :) Thanks for reading and good luck with WW, I havent been doing so great on it so have taken another route... as for the cleanse, do it! It's well worth it!!