Thursday, June 17, 2010

Jury Duty

Well Monday and Tuesday I had my first experience in jury duty! Not only was I in the jury selection process all of Monday but I was selected as juror number 1 for the case! Being my first time, I was wide eyed and interested in everything going on. Everyone always told me that jury duty was terrible. And if you are paid hourly and not salary, yes, it does stink not to make money for those days other than the thank you pay that the court gives you ($32 for two days). BUT they made it very comfortable for all of us there for jury duty. We had orientation on Monday morning and they provided us with a business center, a quiet room for conference calls etc, and movies! Monday morning they showed Avatar, very fun! Then later that afternoon they showed Cinderella Man and gave out popcorn. I was called during this movie though, bummer! I had never seen it before! The experience reminded me of a blend of the show, Night Court, and Law and Order. Our bailiff was hilarious just as if she was on the show Night Court but once inside the court, it was like being on Law and Order! Our case did not last too long and concluded at the end of the day on Tuesday. I swear, I have never taken so many "breaks" throughout one day!? We got 2 and then one really long lunch break. It's smart to bring a book! Also, I noticed that many selected for jury duty are retirees. Just something I noticed but I suppose it makes sense considering they are not being taken away from work to be in court and serve the state. Anyways, this was my experience and I happy to say that the defendant was not guilty! Yay!

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  1. Oh wow! I have never been called for jury duty (keeping my fingers crossed that I don't) but good to hear that it wasn't terrible.