Sunday, May 9, 2010

What a weekend....

I tried to study but I just wasn't in to it this go around! I really hope that I do well on my exam tomorrow night. I have never taken an online one before! We'll see! I have one more on Tuesday night and after that I can celebrate and focus on the wedding and getting myself back in shape! My bff Elly is coming this weekend and I can't wait to go and do girly stuff all weekend long!

Does anyone else out there obsess over the show Brothers and Sisters? I just love it and try to stay up every Sunday to watch it! Well tonight while I was watching Dave said, oh did you know that Rob Lowe is leaving the show? WHAT I said?!? He said, yea, it's in Entertainment weekly (which we just started getting). So sure enough at the end of the show the preview comes on for next week and there is a huge car accident, Rob Lowe, gone next week. So sad! Apparently the article also mentioned that the new season will leap a year forward and picture Kitty moving on as a single gal. What?! Hard to imagine now!! And guess who they are keeping on.... LUKE! THANK GOODNESS! ;)

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