Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Finally the Bachelorette started last night with cutie Miss Ali! I was sooooo excited to watch it along with Dancing with the Stars! I hope that Derek and Nicole win, what do you all think? I thought Erin and Maks' free style dance last night was a little "much" and TMI for us on lookers! And I think than Evan still hasn't gotten the hang of connecting with his partner and is probably too focused on skating right now anyhow. I don't think the trophy should go to someone who is only "half-in". And then finally the Bachelorette came on, thank you ABC, and I was so excited..... until the men were introduced. What in the world!!! A boy in boots messes up, a guy's nickname is shooter and he thinks it's great to tell the story, another guy sounds like Kermit the frog, there's a Dean McDermit (sp?) look a like, a scrapbook maker, a professional wrestler..... !?! Need I say more! Thank goodness she gave the rose to Roberto, he was the most normal of the bunch! The rest were from the freak store! What did you think?

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