Wednesday, May 5, 2010

MIA, for good reason :)

So Sorry for being MIA everyone! We got back from New Orleans late Monday evening and since then we have been on the go! I have exams next week so no promises for a whole lot of blogging this week :(

The wedding planning is going well, I think we have found a place! The Jazz Fest was really fun... I am going through food and beverage detox now lol. We drove the 11 hours there and back and met up with lots of friends there!

The above photo is our our second day at the fest... a little overcast and windy with some humidity. This is me and Dave with our good friends Caroline and John
This is our first day at the fest - we are very prepared and excited! It was sunny too! :)

Me chillin at our "spot" and listening to Widespread Panic :)

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