Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Engagement Pics!

Well it all started out as my Birthday Weekend in the Mountains...
And then we went on a hike to Whiteside Mountain
Stopped at a few look outs along the way
Awesome views.
Could see all the way to SC! Maybe even Georgia too!
I took a seat because Dave was taking a long time taking in all the views ;)
Little did I know, this was coming next!! He wore the perfect shirt ;)
Sunny Day! LOL So we were squinty but these are happy squints! LOL
The ring :)
Reinactment and my husband to be!
A celebration lunch at this place....
Cheers! :)
We are so excited and aren't sure about a date or anything quite yet! Just trying to enjoy the moment and take it all in :)


  1. That is one stunner of a ring.. Congratulations to both of you!! xoxo

  2. That last commenter took the words right out of my mouth! haha! Seriously, what a ring!

    Dave's always loved the mountains--how fitting that he proposed while on a hike! (Our friendship with Dave began with hikes in the Alps and he and Beth helped to orchestrate our New Orleans engagement).

    Best wishes to you both and keep us updated as you plan the wedding (which I know will be lovely--you've posted some sweet ideas and inspirations here on your blog).