Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Weekend...Picnic!

First of all... here are my gorgeous flowers (a bouquet for $4.99 at TJ's)! They have bloomed in just a matter of a few hours!
Dave and I went to the park on Saturday to get outside and have a picnic lunch!

Here was my Sandwich... I made it the same way as Dave's (below) but minus the turkey and plus hummus :) Obviously I am still making use of my christmas paper plates! haha! Another great find of mine are the new Kettle BBQ chips that are 65% less fat! They are SUPER delicious! And my Dave is a huge chip lover so I am trying to find healthy alternatives for him!
Look at this tasty Sandwich I made for Dave! I made it wit Harris Teeter smoked turkey (shaved), pepper jack cheese, avocado slices, tomato, and this yummy new low-fat Parmesan ranch dressing from TJ's.
Freedom Park in Charlotte where we had our picnic, enjoyed the weather and went for a stroll around the pond. Dave and I had a lazy weekend but did manage to get outside and enjoyed the nice weather!
Dave noticing that there is wifi at the park!
A very wind blown Emily! Haha! It was nice to get outside and be in the sun... and people watch! :) I am trying so hard to get some sun as you can see in this picture because I am sporting a tank top! This is my first year NOT going to the tanning bed and although I am relieved by the fact that I am stay away from what causes skin cancer, I am saddened by not having any color!

I hope that everyone had a very nice Easter weekend. We didn't get to church like we had planned. I decided that because it was Easter weekend, I didn't want to be "those people" so I figure we should start going back on a more normal weekend. I have high hopes for us! We have big weekends coming up though... a trip to DC, my birthday weekend, and New Orleans Jazz Fest! April is going to be one busy month!

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