Tuesday, March 16, 2010

NYC Trip

I promise the pics are coming soon - just let me get through this midterm I've got tonight (sighhh)!

A few things that I did take note of while I was there:

1. Try not to plan a trip to NYC if there is rain in the forecast

2. Hunter brand rainboots are the best of the best in rain gear

3. Leggings and long tees.... AND short tees are in (note: not so flattering for the buttox)

4. Uggs are still in and can be worn without socks because that is how they were designed. My fake Uggs (from Old Navy and nicknamed 'Nuggs') soaked up the rain after 2 minutes of walking. Sometimes it doesn't pay to be cheap.

5. You can avoid paying $100 for theatre tickets if you play the theatre lottery. You may not win the first, second or third time but some theatres offer discounted "lottery loser" tickets.

6. Taking a taxi really isn't as scary as I imagined

7. Taking the Long Island Rail Road was easier than I had imagined

8. People are nice and helpful in the city

9. Crate and Barrel in the 5th Avenue area is amazing, so much so, I spent a good hour there myself! Dogs were also allowed to come in this store, NEAT!

10. The Apple store is the place where not only fans go but also those in search of the internet go as well :) I updated my facebook status while there - thought I was SO cool! ha.

11. Heaters in NYC apartments are really loud! Tenants can't even control their heaters themselves, they are controlled by the old building which leads to old noisy heating systems for all.

12. Crumbs cupcakes are better than Magnolia's

13. It is easier than I thought to travel to NYC 'on the cheap'!

14. Walking around in the city can make a girl exhausted!

15. There are no fat people in New York City.


  1. Hey, Emily.
    I just found your blog and I adore it! I'm excited to read more posts from you. I'm following via Blogger. (I'm follower #30! Woot!)

    Check out my blog if you would like.

  2. you forgot to mention

    "one of my favorite people in the world live in NYC!"

    by the way i am sitting by my open window enjoying the BEAUTIFUL weather and listening to the clamor of my very noisy heater.

    send me those pics!!

  3. Mae - thanks for following! excited to take a peek at your blog as well! and thanks for bringing my follower number up to 30! how exciting! just so you know i am drinking a glass of wine to toast this occasion right now!

    B - you know that you are the true #1 to my NYC trip. the best roommate ever in the best city ever... rain couldn't ruin MY trip! although, with my lovely jetblue mistake i will have to make another trip their during sunnier days ;) ha! pictures are coming soon! :)

  4. I was just in NYC this weekend too! Did your flight get delayed?

    I have to differ on #12. I love Sugar Sweet Sunshine Cupcakes. They are better than Crumbs and Magnolia!

    Can you believe all the people wearing leggings with long tees? And spandex with shorts!? AND - "jeggings". Oh my goodness.

    Too funny. Can't wait to read more about you!