Thursday, March 11, 2010


Here is me now - after hair cut!
And me this past weekend.....dealing with my hair when I wanted to grow it out...

I just really don't know what I would do without my hair straightener. I mean after drying my hair it turns into this helmet shape and then thank goodness for my straightener because it actually ends up looking normal! I WAS trying to grow my hair out.... not so much anymore because I got it chopped yesterday! Long hair just doesn't work for me like it does for other girls. The longer my locks get, the stringier they get! I am meant for short hair and short hair is meant for me :)

Did I mention that today I am leaving for NYC to see my college roommate and sorority sister...Bethany ( ??!


  1. You're rockin' the short hair girl! Have fun in NYC!

  2. I love your short hair - so chic and sophisticated! Have a great trip, it sounds fabulous.

  3. Your pictures in the bathroom mirror are just too cute--before AND after. Mine would just be scary. . . Your hair looks great! Have fun in New York!