Saturday, March 20, 2010

Finally.... NYC, Me & B!

ENDS HERE: Ok, so these pictures start from the end to the beginning SO...let's scroll down :)
And last stop, Bergdof Goodman! The only thing I could afford was two pairs of Hanky Panky's (the most wonderful thongs on the face of the earth)! What a great trip! Thanks Bethany for being a great hostess and showing me what life is like living in NYC!
FAO Shwartz. I never miss it when I am in NYC!
The Apple store where I fell in love with a Macbook.
Dogs are allowed to shop too!
Ahh, yes, Crate & Barrel. I heart you.
Bethany let me roam free for a few hours while she had work meetings. She sent me to 5th Avenue for some fun shopping! I couldn't believe the flowers everywhere!
On Sunday morning Bethany had to work so we met at a cafe for breakfast! It was really fun and I felt like we were on Seinfeld. lol
My fake Uggs, Fuggs, didn't do me any good. While Bethany's lasted dry for hours in the rain... mine were soaked in 2 minutes! Lucky for me, Cristina gave me an extra umbrella she had! :)
Here is an example of what our weather was like! Terrible!
Next to Normal was a great play! We were right up front... so close that we could see the spit leaving the actor's mouths as they sang LOL. And NO it didn't land on us!! Ha! The play was about a family of 3 and a mother who suffered from schizophrenia. The couple had lost a son when he was a baby and the mother kept seeing him, the age he would have been, in her life. It was all about this family dealing with her crazy emotions and constant battles. It was heavy but the acting and music was completely wonderful.
Bethany and I tried to win lottery tickets to see Wicked but we lost both times. If you win, you get to see the play for $26! Not too bad. So since we didn't have any luck with that play we went to try to win tickets to the play, Next to Normal. Bethany had heard good things about it so we thought we'd give their lottery a try too! We didn't win BUT they had 'Lottery Loser' tickets that were $40 to see the show. We took advantage of this right a way! :) Before the show we went to grab lunch at Junior's which is famous for their cheesecake! It's one of the few restaurants in Times Square so it was pretty packed! We both ordered grilled cheese sandwiches and oddly enough, with that comes a family style portion of beets, slaw and pickles... so strange!
I just had to take a picture of this in times square! Can you believe how big that roll of toilet paper is!?
Here is her cute kitchen which was surprisingly bigger than I expected! She mentioned to me that this is why she chose the place. Her mom and dad helped her decorate by painting walls and making drapes. The place was really very homey! I need for them to come and decorate my place next :)
We moved homes to Bethany's apartment which is close by and also in the Upper West Side.
For dessert that night we went to CRUMBS! YUM! I'd never had a crumbs cupcake so we got one and brought it back to the apartment to split with a glass of milk for dessert! It was SO delicious. This was also the night that I completed wiped out on the way home. lol. Some person even yelled "that'll be on Youtube!" haha. I am so clumsy!
We had gone to old navy that day and I got a cute headband there with a flower on it as seen above. I look really busty in this picture, guess it's the huge sweater and scarf lol.
Oh, Harry lol Bethany forgot her umbrella here as well lol.
This is us 'cheersing' at the Mexican Restaurant around the corner, Harry's Burritos! Boy these margaritas were strong!
This is Bethany goofing off lol.
This is their kitchen, I thought it was really pretty :)
Here is the Bethany's friend's apartment in the Upper West Side. If you look out the window to the left you can see Central Park and the hotel where John Lennon was killed.
That night we went back to Bethany's friend's apartment and she gave me a stack of menus to look through for a dinner option! Because of the rain we wanted to do something close to the apartment we were staying at so I chose something easy and affordable, mexican!!
Here is my 'loot' from the beauty closet at Lucky Mag. Cristina let us go in and select fun items for ourselves! It took us awhile but we definitely left which some really fun goodies!! :) :) Thanks Cristina!
Did I mention that it was pouring down rain outside? Note Bethany's umbrella above, she forgot this thing every where we went! lol. We then went to visit my two friends, Jane and Cristina. Jane works for Vera Wang and unfortunately I forgot to take pictures there but to give you an idea of what it was like, think, 'project runway'. It was a bunch of tables with fabrics and high ceilings with white walls. Jane gets to work with Vera every day which is really cool! Jane also has the best clothes. I noticed she was wearing a tshirt dress and leggings. This was really big around NYC! Comfy, I like it!! Then we went to Lucky magazine to see Cristina. She is the Senior Beauty Editor there and her desk was covered in beauty products! It was really neat to see! Everyone in NYC also has a Mac in their office space, which I thought was really cool!
We then headed to H&M. This place totally overwhelms me but I ended up with this black shirt that I am modeling in their dressing room above.. and a cute pair of 'sailor shorts'.
I got their pumpkin scone and a buttermilk one. The pumkin was delicious and had a maple sauce over it! And the buttermilk scone came with delicious whipped butter and jam!
Here I am with my chai tea! It was delicious and Bethany thought it was even better than her passion fruit tea! Did I mention that little girls that come to Alice's tea cup get to wear fairy wings and have fairy dust sprinkled on them? VERY cute!
START HERE: Yay! Emily makes it to NYC last Thursday night! Both college roommate, Bethany and worried boyfriend, Dave, were impressed considering she took the airtran and the LIRR to meet Bethany at the Kmart located in Penn Station. But no worries, I am a good little traveler and made these two really proud of me! Haha. Our first stop on Friday morning was at Alice's Tea Cup. We stayed at a really nice Upper West Side apartment because Bethany's friends who live there lent it to her while they were out of town. I've posted pictures of this really nice place as well! Alice's tea cup was just darling. They are known for their delicious scones and numerous choices in tea! You can get 2 (giant) scones here with a pot of tea for just $10. This was a great way to start our day because we had alot of walking ahead of us that day! :)

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