Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New Recipes

Ok so I have really been slacking on posting my new recipes!! AND you might be really excited to know that I am putting more protein into our dinners now! My hair and skin was just looking really bad due to lack of protein so we are doing more fish.... plus, poor Dave needed "more" to his dinners. As long as its not chicken or beef I am fine with the fishies!

So the first recipe is from this past weekend and was on Ellie Kreiger's foodnetwork show over the summer. I love this idea because it is something to keep in mind for a later date when you've got company over for dinner. So flavorful and SO easy!!!

I used frozen Sole from Trader Joes for this recipe. It made four parcel packets. I didnt have a dry white wine so I used water and then for rice, the second night I didn't have anymore brown so I used white. I think you can mix any veggies with this as well!

Flounder and Vegetable parcels

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