Monday, February 22, 2010

Life Update

Ok so I have decided to try working out differently. More weights, less Cardio, and the same 1500 calories or less in a day. I will keep yall updated! Right now I feel bulky and have gained muscle weight (UGHHHHHH) so I am hoping it gets better!!

Another thing to add is that I am taking fish oil suppliments as well as green tea suppliments. I notice a little more pep in my step and less yawning when I take the green tea pills. And then the fish oil suppliments have really made a noticable difference in my skin and hair. Both hair and skin were really dry. I was starting to get eggsma (sp?) on my elbows and that is a sure sign that the dry winter days are full force. So I started taking these pills and not only had that gone away but my skin is very soft! I totally recommend this to those struggling with the dry winter weather!

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