Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Ok ladies! I have been SO tired lately and not myself. Granted some of it might have to do with the weather but I'm not so certain it does. I don't drink coffee so I may have to start doing that to help the cause. It's like I'm awake and ready to go but once I sit down at work, I am so tired and lack the ability to really concentrate. And I could sleep for hours I think! I do take paxil for panic attacks so I know that that probably has some influence on the situation but I hate not being my upbeat and chatty self! It's really depressing :( And It's really bad when your boss asks you what's wrong! And a friend mentioned something about me not being myself over New Years too..... ugh, I need my pep back. Help!

*Update: Got some feedback and am going to give it a try with rest tonight, coffee in the morning and see what tomorrow brings. If it persists, I will go get a thorough blood test at the Dr's office early next week! Will keep you updated! Hope its just a holiday-hangover!


  1. Got my fingers crossed that it is just a holiday hangover; I usually find that snacks (always something yummy and healthy like a couple of apple slices with peanut butter) help me make through the day and they actually help me to not sit down and gorge myself at meal time.

  2. Nice! Thanks Jess. I love both of those things! Mmmmm.