Wednesday, December 2, 2009

If you read... go and see!

I forgot to blog about my Twlight late night experience. It was truly a fun time and my friend had games, a Twlight Room in her house, Vampire beverages, and snacks to stuff in our purses for the movie! We even got goodie bags filled with Twlight chocolates, vampire teeth, a LOVE journal, and many other fun things! I wasn't so crazy about the first Twilight movie but I am not gonna lie to you..... THIS MOVIE WAS AWESOME. If you have read New Moon, you must go see the movie, I am probably going back for round 2! BUT if you have not read the books, don't go see the movie. You'll probably think it's stupid! Oh and for those readers, Jacob is all over New Moon as you know.... and boy is he SEXY! He steals the movie by having his shirt off in almost every scene - yum!

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