Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hello Banana Republic!

So I was in class last night and this girl was telling me how her mom took her Christmas shopping last weekend at Banana. She told me about this cute cow-neck scarf thing she got and so when I got home I hit up their website.

And what did I find? ONLY that they have the BEST WINTER CLOTHES EVER!!!!

My new obsession.... I love the skinny cords in this picture along with the chic boots and the long sweater. This is their "urban sophisticated look". OMG. And look at the cute knit hat she is wearing! It screams ADORABLE. Not to mention, the prices are marked down, banana, is that you??? lol Can we please talk about this sweater dress! I love the flowy sweater over top too. And can someone please send me that dog??!
They even have cute winter gloves that I am in desperate need of! Love the plum!

Hello new going-out dress --- REDUCED PRICE!

Is anyone salivating yet? I AM!

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