Saturday, November 7, 2009

One Thing in Retail I Learned

Working at Ann Taylor this past summer really opened my eyes as to how retail stores work. I was amazed that in a week's time, the dress that I had been eyeing up had already been marked down. And in a month's time, it reached the sale rack. And in two months time, it was marked down to $30 from it's originaly $100. This just taught me a huge lesson. Never buy anything full price UNLESS you've got a gift card. Spending your hard earned cash on something full price is just not worth it. I always felt bad for the women who bought outfits right off the rack and would come in a week later only to find that that $75 dollar blouse was now hanging on the sale rack. If only they had waited just ONE week! Ladies, keep your wits about you, retail stores are struggling. Before shopping make sure to check online for COUPONS on the company's website. They are always sending out mailers. Even when checking out you can say, I forgot the coupon that was mailed to me this week and sure enough, the store clerk is going to have one behind the counter! Saving 20% is better than saving nothing at all! Another tid bit... if you have several coupons, ring up your purchases separately! Not only do the stores like it because each sale gives them points BUT it saves you more money by using all of your coupons!

Good luck ladies!

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