Monday, October 5, 2009

Nolen Kitchen

Dave and I are trying to date nights where we try out different restaurants in the area. So last weekend we tried Nolen Kitchen on Selwyn in Charlotte. Honestly, the atmosphere was great. Bathrooms were nice (they even had a dish with GAP coupons set up in the bathroom AND a full length mirror). And they offer a nice outdoor seating area. Dave and I didn't have an appetizer but if I went back I would definitely try their dip tray offered with pita wedges. The caesar salad that Dave ordered was delish. I hate when the lettuce is served in big chunks. Romaine and I have our issues. They were smart enough to chop it bite size. But then our entrees came and boy were they a disappointment.
I havent eaten meat in about three months. I tried it the other weekend and will occasionally have a shrimp or two but when I tried it at a friend's the other weekend in a huge amount, I almost died. I felt terrible. I think my body is rejecting it.
So back to the entrees... I ordered the spinah dish which involved phillo dough wrapped around spinach and mozzerella Aaand feta. What I got was a spinach log. It was nasty and too spinachy. However, the side greak salad was out of this world. Dave ordered the sea bass, it was tasteless and nothing to rave about.
We also had a molten chocolate cake for dessert. Those are hard to screw up. It was better than expected after the main course :)
So in conclusion, if you want to try Nolen. 1-take your girlfriends 2-order a few bottles of wine and apps 3-order a salad

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