Saturday, October 17, 2009


I can't stand to watch Rachel Ray. Hate her voice and her recipes can usually add up when it comes to ingredients. Not to mention, I hate the decor in her Food Network kitchen. Not pleasing to the eye at all and far from my style. This is probably why I love Giada so much - pleasant kitchen, easy recipes, and high points in the healthy category. Aside from all that - I was in a pinch last Sunday night and am slowly trying to clean out our kitchen cabinets before going to the grocery store for more things that we don't need cluttering up our space! So I had some sharp white cheddar cheese in the fridge and some noodles in the cabinet. I had left over milk from my cupcakes in the fridge and so I looked up a white cheddar macaroni and cheese recipe on the food network and who had one... Rachel Ray. Of course. lol BUT look how many ingredients and trust me, this was delish! Probably not high points in healthy BUT we did have a nice butter lettuce salad with lemon-evoo (AH!) dressing! Yum. Here's the recipe. Oh and I topped with breadcrumbs - love that crunch.

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