Thursday, October 8, 2009

Custom Shop

Our new Charlotte favorite! Dave and I went to the Custom Shop on Elizabeth for a date night. The atmosphere was wonderful and the service couldn't have been better. I would recommend it for a double date night too!

Their bathrooms were really nice too! I'm always big on that - especially when we order a bottle of Pinot Noir! LOL

The food scoop - they bring you two slices of homemade WARM bread covered in olive oil. For appetizer we had (they combine salads in their apps list) butter lettuce with vinaigrette and blue cheese and a bowl of calamari and mussels covered in a tomato vodka sauce which was delectable! For the main course Dave got the rib eye which is made using a warm water tactic which keeps the moisture in. It was Ok but I think Dave knew better than to order that because the menu was covered in fish items! I was very pleased with my order (and so was Dave). I got the saffron spaghetti with lemon, artichokes, and kale. It was creamy and delish. The portion sizes were really decent, what you'd serve yourself at home. I liked that. We had room for dessert, all looked great but we ended up doing coffee and a special raspberry chocolate cake. Yum! Sounds like I need to hit the gym! LOL

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