Sunday, September 13, 2009

*Please pray for my friend Karen*

I can't stop thinking about my friend and pledge sister, Karen. Due to reading facebook messages that seemed so sad yesterday, I investigated as I knew it was her wedding day and that something had gone terribly wrong. I looked it up online and couldn't believe what I found out. The unthinkable had happened. I can't stop thinking about how Karen must feel being taken from such a high moment to such an immediate low. Again, please keep her in your thoughts. I know you all don't know Karen but let me tell you - she is the most amazing person and teacher that I have ever known. She is uniquely talented and a bundle of fun. Just a wonderful and funny person through and through. I doubt I've ever heard her say one bad thing about another person. She's genuine. She didn't deserve this, not one bit.

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  1. How tragic! So, so sorry for your friend and everyone involved. She will definitely be in my thoughts and prayers. So sad.