Sunday, September 6, 2009

No need for coffee

So..I'm sure this is from my Sex and the City watchings tonight but I have to share something so sweet and wonderful that happens to me (when I don't make it to the gym at 6am) on week day mornings. You know how you and your man have those "moments" that only you guys share? Well, ours usually happen in the morning when Dave wakes me up. Some days he will brush my hair from my face with his fingers. Some days I will wake up to him looking at me which scares me so much that I then GASP loudly and sit straight up! Then there are some mornings where I crawl out of bed and just go to Dave who is already dressed and ready for work and with my eyes barely open I just snuggle against his chest and he rubs my back. So no, no need for coffee when I can start my days like this :)

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