Friday, September 11, 2009

Where were you?

Let's see... on 9/11 I was a Freshman in college at WCU in Cullowhee. I saw everything happening on the news before I was going to my class that morning. So I walked to class and the teacher told us to all try to go home and that all classes were cancelled. Well I didn't have a car so that was a problem. I get back to my room and call my mom to see where Dad was because he was traveling at the time. He was going to be on a plane that morning so I was really worried and cellphone signals were all crazy that day. Luckily he was Okay. But then mom told me that that same morning, my Grandmother, her mother, had passed away. My dad made it home and my parents came a day later to pick me up and drive to Kentucky for the funeral. Odd how things happen in groups like that isn't it?

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