Sunday, August 16, 2009


Do not, I repeat, DO NOT pay money to go see The Ugly Truth. It was so bad that I should have just stayed home and watched tv! The Kardasians would have entertained me far more than this movie did. It was not funny at all and Katherine Heigl just sorta sucked. The whole movie I was checking out her hair extensions, how they would look on me... then her outfits.. where did she get those....... yep, don't go!


  1. Hey Emily! I just found you through Bethany's blog. What a fun blog! Didn't know you were so very creative (esp. in the kitchen!). Hope you are doing well! I think of you every so often. We are officially a family of 5. WHOA. It's crazy, but I do LOVE being a Mama.

  2. Unfortunately I had to see this twice. I agree-it was just bad!

  3. lol. I like the urgency with the * and ALL CAPS!!!