Thursday, August 13, 2009

Make it look hard (but it's really easy) meal!

Salad: everything in the fridge plus some from the freezer! A pack of peppers pre-sliced by Trader Joes. Carrots from the baggie bag! 1/2 a tomato. And some frozen soy beans defrosted and popped from their shells (takes about two minutes!)

Burgers: Morning Star spicy black bean burgers topped with pre-sliced onion from Trader's, tomato slice, ketchup and mustard - all atop a whole grain bun. For Dave's I gave him two patties and added cheese and a slice of pre-cooked bacon.

Fries: from the freezer as well! Sweet potato fries topped with a sprinkle of blue cheese (the ONLY way to eat them!)

Maybe this will give you some incentive when you think there is absolutely NOTHING for dinner! ;)

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