Sunday, July 12, 2009

St. John Must Do #4

Eat at ZoZo's!! Be sure to make a reservation. It is a beautiful restaurant with a nice outdoor eating area. We had their calamari which was THE BEST on the island, we decided! Another couple had told us the same thing after their visit there as well. So that's another vote! They also offered lobster with an entree. So Dave and I split an entree and added a lobster tail to the mahi that he ordered. It was well worth it and a perfect amount for the two of us (I had tried to convince him to split meals with me from day 1!). I was determined to have lobster while in St. John as I had watched an episode on the travel channel of a gentleman who lived on one of the virgin islands and caught fresh lobster for his small shack of a restaurant and grilled both it and the bucket of garlic butter he battered it in, on the grills outside the restaurant. Not only was I amazed but my mouth was watering and I swore to Dave that I wouldn't be leaving St. John without a bite of lobster! And boy was it worth it!

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