Sunday, July 19, 2009

St. John Must Do #10 - Last one!!

And lastly... Go Snorkeling!!!! We snorkeled at Trunk bay, we beached it on the beach there and swam around that little island that you see in the first picture. We also snorkeled at Watermelon Cay which is the island in the darker looking water in the second picture - the water was really clear however it was a cocktail swim so it was later in the evening when we went, which made shadows over the water.

It was my first time snorkeling since I was 13 so I was a little more cautious than I was back then. I totally recommend it though! It's a great workout and there were so many amazing things to see! Dave said my eyes were the size of saucers! I was just taking it all in, ha! We saw tons of tropical fish. We saw a sea turtle that was very interested in us. We saw sting ray and a HUGE and I mean HUUUUGE spotted ray! It was SO big that it had a stinger that was about 12 feet long and an actual mouth that we could see! Unbelievable. We also were swarmed by schools of teeny tiny fish. It all really reminded me of Finding Nemo and I just cannot wait to see that movie again because I saw so many of its characters!

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