Sunday, July 26, 2009

Raisins... sad day.

I love raisins. I have all my life. I think I get it from my dad because not only does he love raisins but he loves them chocolate covered, yogurt covered or in an oatmeal cookie - and so do I!

But here's the thing, I had some raisins tonight after dinner and realized that, raisins are deceivingly high in calories. I almost cried. I mean, they make me want to get one of those 100 calorie dessert packs instead (and I swore off buying those because I think they're 1. a big waste of money on something that you can put together yourself at home AND 2. that they are extremely addictive).

So here I am facing the facts that the raisins aren't actually a fabulous snack after all. There are 130 calories in a 1/4 of a cup which seems like an awful lot of calories for such a tiny amount of raisins. Then there are 26g of sugar. Oh boy, here comes the cellulite!

But on the upside, it's safe to say that there's is no saturated fat, trans fat, or cholesterol and only a small minimal amount of sodium. On the up side they do have 2g of fiber and 310g of potassium!

So, coming from the girl who would buy raisin bran in college, just for the pure fun to pick all the deliciously sugar coated raisins out of the box - this is an extreme disappointment!

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