Friday, July 31, 2009

Fashion for under $100

So I was in Forever 21 yesterday because my friends always seem to find something there. Unfortunately these days I only buy for the things I really NEED so I was just browsing. What caught my eye was all the plaid shirts in their display. I watched the whole season (pretty much) of Tori and Dean, which I love - my mother would cringe as she hated when I watched 90210 because she said that Tori aka Donna was such a bad actress. Anywho, Tori was wearing a blue and black plaid shirt on the show and it was UBER cute! They had lots of these in the store. SO, I went online and tried to find a pic of it for you all to see, I found similar ones but in my search also found this completely fabulous website called Fashion Under $100! This girl takes all the hollywood looks that we see in US Magazine, etc, and finds them for us, and not only that, for under $100!! Shazam!


  1. Merr always finds good stuff at F21!! me...not so much!

  2. Me either! Maybe we need a field trip with Mer there!