Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Can I Just Say...

.....That I am reading three, yes, 3, books at ONE TIME! LOL. I know it seems silly but they are all packed with facts so I spend about 20 minutes on each so that I don't start rereading paragraphs lol... !

Book 1- NASCAR for Dummies - HA! I know. But with this new job, I have to get down with the NASCAR lingo because that's just something I wouldn't raise my hand on in a meeting. SO, with that said. Here I am reading the Dummies book which actually, is very helpful (although a little outdated, copyright of 2005, so Dave fills me on the not accurate parts lol).

Book 2- An Idiot's Guide to Ebay, why? Well because that's part of my job! I have purchased from Ebay, probably a good 10 items. I also have sold items on there too. But I fear that there are little tid bits that I don't know that aren't self explanatory...that in the end, I MIGHT need to KNOW! Plus, it would be great to be a whiz at Ebay. And tonight I learned that Ebay owns PayPal - who knew?! So. reading that.

And lastly, Book 3- a personal pick which I highly recommend reading - Skinny Bitch. Yes, I'm talking about YOU...! ;) Now, I started reading this a loooong time ago but never finished it. It will definitely make you think before you eat. Let's just say that Tofu is going to start sounding really good. The two authors are, skinny bitches - thanks to their research on where food comes from and the health negatives..and even a few positives of it all. It's short, give it a whirl, you might lose 10 pounds with the first 10 pages. Hey, it could happen!

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