Friday, July 17, 2009

Beach Entertainment

Sometimes there are those kids that could care less about the water and are just in it for the sand. This little guy, who Dave nicknamed Chubbers as he was a lil chunky with a cute round pot belly, was next to us at the beach at Trunk Bay with his family. He was adorable and about 6 years old. Anyway, he worked really hard on this hole and kept showering himself with sand. Like he would dig the whole and then take the sand and pour it all over himself- hair, armpits, everything! Makes you cringe doesn't it??? So after telling a friend about this last night, I had to share the picture while still talking about St. John on here. And this kid, had us staying at the beach 45 minutes longer than we had originally planned, which was great! Look for entertainment already provided when you're at the beach, it's the best!

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