Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ronchy Kathy Makes this girl LAUGH

I LOVE KATHY GRIFFIN (and obviously so does GLAAD lol). I think she is so funny and I love her show, 'Life on the D list'. She is constantly on a mission to be on the A list. I don't know why because all of her shows are pretty funny, especially the ones involving her mother who is 87 and always holding a glass of wine AND just like my grandfather, denies she's old. The episode I watched today she invited Brit Brit's old fling, papparazzi Anon (sp?) to go out in Beverly Hills with her so she could be photographed as much as Brit Brit! Haha. I just love it. I also laughed alot at her Bora Bora episode, not sure why but it was pretty good laughs. And have you seen her body? Rediculous!

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