Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Jon and Kate plus 8 equals 10 minus 1...

So sad about Jon and Kate. Last night on their show they said they were getting separated and then that was followed by a notice saying that their Divorce papers were being filed yesterday. It's interesting that they don't just quit the show, which is what most people would do. It's evident that they dont have much a relationship anymore and with 8 kids I am sure that the money is very helpful. But, even with those two things said, wouldn't it still be a good idea to quit the show when the papparazzi are outside your home? Don't movie disappear because of things like this? Also, on another note, I do think Kate is a great mom and I admire her organization but I couldn't stand the way she was such a smart ass her guests (ie. Emeril and the Orange County Choppers). She called a Chopper guy sweaty and then I caught her on her looking at her cellphone at the dinner table with Emeril. It's so crazy how the show has changed with popularity- much larger house with many well known visitors and lots of family trips, one being to Hawaii (can you imagine that cost??)! And on the other hand, I must kinda side with Kate although she shoulda seen this coming when she said 'I do' but Jon is such a lump on a log. Silent, slow, and lazy. I can understand why she is barking out orders to him sometimes because she probably expects him to be lazy after 10 years of his slow mo personality. She definitely treats him like one of the kids and I guess this is what happens. And at 32 with 8 kids, I suppose he's having an early midlife crisis. We'll see what happens with this housing arrangement. I understand that the kids cant be hauled off everyother weekend when there are so many of them but something tells me that this arrangement is just not gonna work out.
So we'll see what happens but I am totally for a show name change to Jon plus 8 or Kate plus 8 because it just doesn't really seem to fit anymore. And I'm pretty sure between those two name changes, Kate plus 8 shall reign.

And for even more entertainment see TMZ's site catching Kate with a NEW car that wasn't next to the mini van or Nissan sports car on last night's show... she's still wearing her ring. Are you all as amazed as I am of her tummy tuck and restructured belly button? (ps. love how tmz describes kate's hair!)

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