Sunday, June 7, 2009

How to have fun in the rain at an outdoor concert

So the Brad Paisley (opened by Dirks Bentley) concert was in Charlotte on Friday... outside.... in the pouring rain. I came not even thinking about the rain. My friend Alex was well prepared with a poncho, jeans, and rain boots. I however was in WHITE shorts, a nice shirt bought from Ann Taylor an hour earlier, flip flops, and a way too heavy rain coat. So I put on Dave's t-shirt (looked more like a dress) and a hat I brought with me (thank goodness because my hair and rain aren't friends). Dave brought some clear ponchos too so I snagged one of those. SO, for future reference, if you are ever caught in the rain at an outdoor pavillion, go the Alex route and wear rain boots, pants (your lotiony legs get slimy), a t-shirt, poncho, and maybe a hat! Ponchos are great too because you can just leave them in the trashcan when the rain stops! Easy disposal haha.

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