Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Ya'll! If you didn't see Idol tonight, you have GOTTA watch it on the internet immediately! I've been SO into it this season BUT even if you aren't into Idol, never seen it, what not, you'd still LOVE the season finale! It was like watching the MTV music awards! So many big names! 

Fergie, Queen Latifa, Jason Mraz, Lionel Richie, Cindy Lauper, Rod Stewart, KISS, Santana, Black eyed peas with omg. 

And the list goes on and on! It was great because Idol had the losers on and they'd sing a song and then the artist just magically appeared! Like I was telling Dave's mom last night, the losers can atleast say "i might have lost but I got to sing with (insert big name artist here)!". Amazing. It was such a great show. They also had some fun bringing in the terrible singers from the Idol try outs to give them awards. The bikini girl even made an appearance, in a bikini, with new assets - lol. It was great. You just have to watch. Um oh yea, and Steve Martin with a banjo? 

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