Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Puppy Showers

So today I see on Facebook that an aquaintance of mine has attended a "Puppy Shower" and I thought.... "Brilliant!". At this particlar shower they had "Muttgaritas", "Pupcakes", and cucumber sandwiches cut in the shape of doggie bones! Some other ideas I found online were cute invitations (which you could make yourself with the help of Michael's) and making your own doggie treats as a guest gift for them to take home to their pups! As for gifts, some ideas given are:

Collar (try Pattern&Paw or IsabellaCane which is my FAVORITE in style or Orvis which I love because you can embroider your Dog's name and phone number onto the collar and not have to hear the clinging of their dog tags!Crate (gosh this one is kind of like registering for a baby stroller!)
Water and food bowls
Bed (ditto to above.. crib!)
Grooming implements (brush, nail clippers, shampoo, toothbrush, ear cleaning kit, etc.) *Training - a good one for everyone to chip in on and then bring something small to the party! At Petsmart they have puppy training for $100/8 sessions. It's definitely worth it! :)

I also found these great gifts finds online as well! These come in handy, I know I have used them in the past! Pets are messy eaters and love to splurp up that water! I would definitely put a peice of plastic underneath though - you don't want to rot those hard wood floors! Even a Vinal Floor cloth would work too.

Signs for when you're out with your pet :)

Having a dog is an expense and there's so much to buy when getting a puppy that I think this would be a great idea. And even better, it's an excuse to get together with friends and have a party!

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  1. What a cute idea. I love it! Pupcakes . . . sounds delicious!