Tuesday, March 3, 2009

TV this week

  • The Bachelor:
  • WHAT ON EARTH. I can't believe I followed the whole season to have this ending. If you didn't watch, the Bachelor Jason chose the girl who I just adored from the get go, Melissa. He then changed his mind and broke up with her after the show (which comes on after the season finale and the proposal). Melissa left angry and hurt. So then the OTHER final girl, Molly, comes on thinking that she going to be getting an explanation as to why he didn't choose her as his wife. Jason then asks her to go get coffee sometime because he cannot stop thinking about her and is still in love with her - WHAT!? Great for Molly BUT Jason needs to get his own life together before ruining these girls lives! And his poor son! He is going to think that his potential step mommies keep up and disappearing on him! Terrible, just terrible! I think that every Bachelor/Bachelorette chooses the individual who is exciting but not the person that truly truly is IN love with them and would commit their life to them! They instead choose a person whose personality is fun and vibrant and who they want to be with. When really they should choose who they NEED to be with! I know I am preaching to choir here.... And might I add that I was so routing for Melissa the whole season but then towards the end, I thought that she could do better than him and that Molly really was the true fit. Gosh and Molly even told him that he was making a mistake by choosing Melissa. Craziness. And now after months, he breaks it off with Melissa and is taking Molly to get coffee. Wow. Who thinks that Melissa will be the next Bachelorette? I SURE HOPE SO!!! :)

  • The Amazing Race:
  • If you haven't started watching this show, you definitely should! My favorite neighbor, Mel White, is kicking some tail with his son Mike! Tonight they got 1st place and just last week they were second! They really have a good streak going right now! The Amazing Race comes on CBS on Sundays at 8pm! Tune in!

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