Sunday, March 22, 2009

Love Actually

So one of my all time favorite movies is Love Actually (2003). I even love the soundtrack and usually watch it around Christmas because it is really, all about the Holidays. I found it ironic that Liam Neeson loses his "movie wife" in this movie and just lost his real wife, Natasha Richardson, this week. I tried to find clips on YouTube of the funeral scene from the movie because they really do a great job with it and his wife in the movie leaves a slideshow and requests that "Bye Bye Baby" be played as she leaves the church - really neat. Hate that this actually happened for him in reality and I will always remember Natasha being in the latest Parent Trap movie with Lindsey Lohan, I thought she was just so pretty!
But since I couldn't find those clips I found my two favorites instead -

Keira Knightly gets married (turn volume up)
Hugh Grant is the Prime Minister with some great dance moves (turn volume down)

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  1. BIG! i totally made that connection too! talk about ironic, right?! great movie...a classic. spot on lady!