Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Yes! This is great! Everyone is raving over the cupcakes!

Here are some comments from my coworkers:

*Best Cupcake yet I think…..!!!!

*The BEST work yet…the texture of the cake was perfect…the presentation was great with the little wafer on top. If I had to criticize anything, the icing could have been a tad sweeter…but all in all, excellent! 9.4 rating.


*Delicious!!! I loved it. I would buy these at your store all the time by the dozens & I am totally serious.

Also, I did catch the Today Show and I got to see the hosts going to Art School! It was very comical with the nude models and the teacher couldn't have been more forward with her comments. The hosts even got to hang their paintings in a very nice art gallery to see what those shopping around for art had to say! haha!

More on Tv.... cannot believe last night's American Idol! I was really disappointed. Granted I was making cupcakes and running from kitchen to living room - I still didn't hear anything that I was too excited about. My girls Allison and Megan didn't even come through! Kris might win in the end because he has the hollywood looks along with the Maroon Five rock voice. We'll see! Oh and Paula, is a nut job.

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