Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Things I Can't Live Without!

#1 My Microplane Grater:
Why? BECAUSE - it is the best invention-ever! I love italian and cook it alot but Italian or not... Parmesean through this grater or even a little lemon zest, can really pep up a meal!

#2 My Egg Whisky:
This little guy, is, adorable! Is he not?! He is perfect for what I do nightly.... whisk dressings together! My favorite dressing is just juice from a lemon, olive oil, toss and spinkle with sea salt! Delish!

And lastly...

#3 My Salad Spinner: (however, mine is not nearly as nice as this one!)
Who likes soupy salad?! Not me! I love this thing and... it gives Dave something to do in the kitchen! HA!

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