Thursday, February 19, 2009

Rattle Me!

So I hopped on Facebook this morning and found that a fellow Marketing major and Western graduate has opened an organic baby clothing store. It's SUPER cute and she's got a great website with oh-so-cute pics of the kiddos!

I passed it along to my Moms in the office however I am still trying to figure out Why organic? Not having a little one myself I just had to get their input. Lauren, mom of Jenna, told me I thought it was funny when I first heard of organic baby items. I have organic wash cloths and changing pads for Jenna! It just means it’s made of organically grown cotton. It’s eco-friendly because they don’t use pesticides and fertilizers when they grow the cotton."

Whether you are shopping for your baby or a friend's little one, you should definitely check out Rattled. If I had one of my own, I know I'd go bananas. I love the matching long sleeve pants/shirt outfits in white or orange - you'll see what I mean on the site ;) She uses some really WOW colors and I love their story that they are donating 10% profit to children in need. Their prices are affordable and with the products being GREEN, how could you not want to shop here!? Atleast buy a toboggin, I like those the best! :)

Check out the Rattled site!

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