Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Bean cried today

My poor baby bean (that is the name of my car, it started from Green Jelly Bean, my 99 Jetta, and it just stuck with any car that I've had).

Right now I am a mixture of pissed, upset, and subdude (surprisingly). I just really messed up my car. My bean! On my lunch break I was headed towards a stop light with one car in front of me. His break lights were not on so I thought he was driving through the yellow light. Boy was I wrong. When I got closer he was stopped and I had no time to stop so I swerved left, flew over a median, and ripped the bottom of my car open on some metal rods coming up from the median. Lovely. I then ran a red light which I am thankful to say, no one was coming in that direction or else I would not be here. I pulled my car over realizing that I had a flat tire and then noticed that my hood was smoking and that my car was leaking (or maybe even crying??). UGH!! NOT what I wanted. Bad bad bad. I've had the car a mere 2 years! It's still new, to me, atleast! I realize I've had my day with bad driving experiences but I have been SO good over the past few years!

Ironically I paid my car insurance online the morning - awesome. So I've got that on my side.

So I got my car towed and until I hear the totals and the damages, I'm going to continure to be pissed, upset and subdude. :(

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